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Getting the perfect water heater installation for your Christiansburg home done can be a long and confusing process, gathering quotes for plumbing heating & water heater installations from multiple independent installers, always on the look out for the cheapest quote possible.

Here at Eric’s Heating & Air in Christiansburg we give you an easy and quick quote that will provide you with a fixed water heater installation price. It includes a few different options of new water heaters depending on your choices.  We are confident that we will beat any like-for-like quote regarding a water heater installation or any water heater replacement quote in the Christiansburg & Blacksburg as well as the surrounding area for a domestic or commercial property. Contact us now via our online form or call us today!

The process of finding the ideal water heater for your home can be a confusing and time consuming process.  We have a range of combination water heater options along with a whole host of quality products that will suit your home heating needs.

We also offer a brilliant finance scheme that gives you the option of spreading out the cost!

Water Heater Installation Christiansburg

Our Team Of Technicians in Christiansburg

We are proud of the customer service for our water heater installers. We are  trusted gas safe registered water heater installations specialists with the right tools for all heating jobs. Eric’s Heating & Air LLC is registered with multiple installer schemes from respected water heater manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Baxi.

All of our water heaters come with a warranty including 2-year warranty, 5-year warranty all the way to 10 years so you wont be getting any bills for water heater repairs. Your water heater service can be carried out by any certified water heater service.

Choosing us for your water heater installation will provide you peace of mind, no more frequent repair bills and energy savings that will save you money in the long run.

Water Heater Installations in Christiansburg & Gas Boiler Replacements by Heating Engineers Near You

About Us

Eric’s Heating & Air is a specialist HVAC company and was founded by Eric Linkous, a  professional heating engineer who saw a way in streamlining the process of buying new central heating systems and make it an easier experience. With this in mind and 8 years experience he and his team got to work bringing to light the confusing and overly complications of the water heater installation process of the heating industry into the 21st century. 

Here at Eric’s Heating & Air we pride ourselves on our reviews, customer service, expertise and impeccable boiler installation services in Christiansburg providing top of line water heaters at a fair price that won’t break the bank. Although we can provide water heater repairs and heating services it is generally installations that we specialize in rather than maintenance. Our reviews on professional water heater installation services in your location speak for themselves and we get the job done right so no repairs needed!

So what are you waiting for? Check our reviews & contact us today by filling out our quote form or call us and let us start your water heater installation!.

What type of water heater do I need?

When inquiring about a new water heater or water heater installation it is always best to get some expert knowledge from an engineer as usually they normally have all the answers and need to do a home survey but if you wish to find out yourself it’s always best to take notice of three important factors when selecting your new water heater.

First is the amount of available space you have at your disposal as this can possibly be biggest factor in what boiler you get for your water heater installations. If your property is particularly small or has limited storage space it might make it difficult or impossible to have a separate tank. In instances where space is limited a combi water heater might be your best option.

Secondly it is important to consider that you may want to keep he same system that is currently heating your home! It is normally in your best interest to keep the same system as costs can quickly build up, possibly going over budget if you choose to change the water heater system entirely. Replacing the water heater system is usually the best option for older homes but new builds will have the ideal setup in place. To keep your system in tip-top shape you should book an annual gas boiler service as some extended guarantees require you to do so and water heater servicing is required by landlords because of the risks of carbon monoxide, the silent killer.  

Remember that a different system will also require different amounts of space and might be not suitable.

Lastly you should look into how much hot water you actually use in your household this can be determined by taking a quick stroll around your home. Take note of how many showers and baths you may have and how often multiple outlets are using hot water. If you come to the conclusion that you require a larger supply of hot water, a system water heater or conventional gas water heater may be the answer you are looking for.