Emergency HVAC Services

Emergency HVAC Repair

Eric’s Heating & Air in Christiansburg offers emergency HVAC repair – which means that in ordinary and urgent cases we guarantee very durable repairs, our economic technicians are true specialists and only use approved components and spare parts. We install heating systems of compact dimensions, great finishes and a low noise level makes them especially suitable for family installations.

We provide a wide range of heating and air services here in Christiansburg, among them:

  • Repair of mixed gas and oil condensing heaters.
  • Installation of low NOx devices
  • Technical Assistance
  • Comprehensive overhaul of gas heating
  • Wall and floor heating
  • Installation of thermal radiators
  • Electric heating with solar support
  • Insulation of doors and windows
  • Installation of air conditioning units
  • Urgent 24 hour heating technical service

24 Hour Emergency Heating Repair Christiansburg

Eric’s Heating & Air in Christiansburg offers emergency HVAC repair and repairs integral heating systems of all brands. This also means urgent heating repair services twenty-four hours a day because you never know for sure when there may be a damaging breakdown that requires immediate attention. Our technical service in Christiansburg has mobile vans for immediate assistance making sure that we solve your breakdown or problem in your gas or oil appliance instantly and without waiting of any kind.

For instantaneous repair of  electric heaters we use low density electric heaters and solid state relays for modulating power regulation. Biomass heating is regulated by the RITE and will have to meet the demands determined by this regulation being decisive in the choice of the most appropriate device.

As for the cost of the fuel in the heating oil we would be very close to the amount per kWh generated by natural gas, but the price of the initial investment and maintenance would be higher than in the case of biomass. In Christiansburg, our technicians receive continuous training so that we are always up to date and can offer advanced care of your heating equipment and hot water heating gas or diesel.

If your appliance has a fault in the review, our technicians in Christiansburg will repair the fault and thus have it ready for the cold winter. The cleaning is performed even with the burner running, which allows not to disrupt the comfort of the installation and reduce consumption.

Something that differentiates our multi-brand heating service is that we work with each and every one of the models and brands. So no matter what manufacturer it is, we always and at all times can send you a fully trained technician who is trained to solve the problem comprehensively.

Not all brands offer the same type of heating and logically, not all have the same cost. The following brands are some of the ones that we have already repaired in the past: Vaillant, Sime, Hargassner, Saunier Duval, Tekno Point, Atmos, Fleck, Ariston, Ferroli, Morco, Domusa, Manaut, Cointra…

Start enjoying all the advantages we offer in our emergency HVAC repair in Christiansburg, where you can find additional guarantees of up to three months on the work done by us. In order to get your heating repaired quickly, you can call us by phone or you send us a message through our form at any time of day. We act expressly to fix the heating in any type of building, no matter if  it is a company or private residence.

Emergency Air Condition Repair

Eric’s heating & air repairs air condition units as an emergency HVAC repair in less than 3 hours, 365 days a year.

Our company specializes in solving all types of breakdowns in air conditioning appliances of leading brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Fujitsu, Hisense, Kosner, Atma, BGH, Carrier, Daewoo, Electra, Electrolux, Fedders, Hitachi, LG, Philco, Samsung, Sanyo, Surrey, TCL, Top House, Whirlpool, or York. If your brand is not in this list, please contact us, we offer technical assistance and maintenance to most of the air conditioning equipment in the market.

We are also installers. In case the equipment has become obsolete, or repairs are too expensive, our technicians will advise you on what type of air conditioner to buy depending on the use to be given.

Other service areas for our air conditioning repairs aside from our hometown Christiansburg

We service Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford & Montgomery County. Consult us for other nearby towns.

Top quality spare parts

At Eric’s Heating & Air we collaborate only with the most prestigious brands in the air conditioning sector, and we carry out periodic inspections to prevent air leaks or other problems caused mainly by the weather.

Air Conditioning Repairs Christiansburg

We work for private users and for all types of companies (industrial, hotels, offices, supermarkets, and stores in general).

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a unique urgent service in Christiansburg, by which we offer an emergency HVAV repair in less than 3 hours. 

What air conditioners do we repair?


Breakdowns in air conditioners Split type wall or wall are quite common, since the compressor unit is located outside and every x time you have to do a review for optimal performance. The Split is connected to the evaporators inside the apartment or company.


This type of air condition stands out because it is installed directly on the ceiling. It is a professional range that is normally used in spacious places such as hotels, restaurants, laundries, offices or stores in general. These air conditioners are more powerful than the traditional wall-mounted split air conditioners and have 4 air outlets that cool faster and in a wider radius.


This system consists of a central unit installed outdoors and several units that are installed indoors, thanks to this it is possible to cool several rooms, large rooms, or large premises. Its operation is to capture air and modify its humidity to vary the temperature of the room to our liking.

Ducted air conditioning

This type of cooling usually has a central unit installed outside, and then has a system of ducts in a false ceiling that allows the flow of cold throughout the floor or room. It also has grilles in each room or space to regulate the air intake.

Reversible heat pump

Similar to ducted air conditioning but also acts as a heat pump. This air conditioning device manages to cool or heat our apartment, local or office easily and comfortably thanks to a digital control panel. Reversible heat pumps are thermodynamic devices that collect the heat generally present in the air to increase its temperature. The thermodynamic compression system is usually used for its operation, which gives it the ability to cool or heat a space when necessary (summer or winter).