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Heat Pumps: Installation & Repairs in Christiansburg & Blacksburg

What does our heat pump repair service include?

As soon as you contact us, we will send our team of specialists to put an end to the breakdown as soon as possible. Once the trip has been made, our expert will not only fix the installation of your heat pump but will also verify that it will not break down again.

Heat pumps are delicate products and therefore it is important to take care of any type of incident that may have been caused. That is why we believe it is convenient for you to know that we also have a heat pump maintenance service in Christiansburg & Blacksburg, which includes an annual review of your heat pump and its subsequent tuning.

Similarly, it is important that from time to time you take a look at your installation in case you detect something that is not working as it should. In case of a defect, you can quickly inform our  technicians in Christiansburg that are on our staff and we will get it fixed quickly.

How long does it take to repair a gas heat pump?

It all depends on the severity of the breakdown. Generally speaking, it does not usually take more than a couple of hours, but each installation is different. Similarly, the important thing in this type of equipment is not only to perform the repair, but it is also crucial that our technicians ensure that everything has been in a perfect state of preservation, so that your installation is back in perfect condition.

As we have previously mentioned, our technical team is capable of repairing any kind of heat pump. However, it is true that it is not the same to handle a heat pump repair that is new compared to a very old model, even between brands there are slight differences because each of them have their own designs and parts.

What if the service technician tells me that my installation is beyond repair?

If your installation had no solution and our technician observed that there is no choice but to replace your boiler with a new one then we could install the new one too.  Eric’s Heating & Air is a gas installation company in Christiansburg and therefore we can also offer this type of service if necessary.

Heat Pump Technical Service Christiansburg

In case of irreparable breakdown, or if the repair of your heat pump would cost more to repair than a new one, then we would offer you our catalog and we would advise you to choose the option that best suits your budget and the conditions of your home.

Do you repair heat pumps in Christiansburg only or also in the surrounding areas?

We reach most towns around Christiansburg, however, currently we do not cover the entire municipality. We consider it important to offer a complete, efficient and fast service and therefore we prefer to cover only the areas where we can really meet these quality standards.

In this way, we ensure that our heat pump service in Christiansburg can offer an ideal treatment to our customers, so that we can perform any type of repair or address a breakdown in a reasonable time.

We hope we have been helpful and we want to thank you for deciding to count on us to repair your heat pump. We are sure that after our repairs and checks it will work better than ever before.

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